“It” Happens

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control.  This is something that seems fairly obvious; however, today has given me many different moments that have proven this statement true time and again.

This morning, I made it to school in record time.  There was not anyone on the road because many people were off of work and school for the day.  I was also pleasantly surprised because the winter storm we were expecting was delayed some from some of the forecasts I heard the evening before.

I got to school early to study and prepare for the finance midterm.  Our professor walked into class a few minutes late today, without any exams in his hands.  He said he was sorry but he did not have the exam because of a printing miscommunication but that they should arrive in about 15-20 minutes.  People were so upset in our class, yelling things out and complaining.

I felt bad for our professor because he is new, and this was one of those moments- it was out of everyone’s control.  We ended up getting extra time and it was not a problem.  In fact, I think it was good for people to have this little hiccup because it is a good example of what real life is like.  There might be a hitch along the way, we just need to adapt.

After the exam, I went to work a little but later than normal, but planned on staying the normal hours.  Due to the storm, I decided to leave a little bit early because, unlike my drive in at 7am, I knew this drive was not going to be so flawless.  I made the trek home, clocking in at over two hours for the usual 25-30 minute commute.  However, during the ride, I realized it was out of my control.  I was happy to be safe and slow than for something bad to happen.

This wasn’t exactly what I was hoping to do with my evening, but at the end of it I was thankful for being safe.  There is always that silver lining and I feel like today I lived the adage “slow and steady wins the race.”

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