Another year closer to becomming a senior citizen

Well, at least that’s how my fiance termed it. My birthday was on Friday. 23. Yes, relative to most people in Fisher, I’m young. It was a pretty decent birthday, minus the snow trying to ruin it all, but I got to spend a lot of time with my family and close friends and everyone was safe in the snow storm and I’m very grateful for that. I got some really awesome gifts, but my favorite is by far the coat rack my dad made for me. When my grandpa passed away, almost ten years ago now, I got his computer desk. After my last move, it was time for the desk to go in the trash. The leg was broken, and it just wasn’t as functional as I needed it to be. Well, my dad kept the drawer front for the keyboard drawer and for my birthday, added coat hooks to it, and made a coat rack. It’s really amazing, and it will forever be that piece of my grandpa I can take with me to every home I have.

Aside from my birthday, I was talking to my mentor on Friday and she said that she has a job opportunity for me, which quite possibly could turn into an internship over the summer and then consulting work in the fall. What would be great about all of it is that I would have exposure to all aspects of HR, including consulting, which I would really value. And, it would allow me the flexibility to take time off for my wedding, and still be able to complete my internship requirement. This is why everyone should get a mentor. There are so many opportunities that you could never even think of which become available to you, just because you have a mentor.

This week is shaping up to be very productive. I’m going to the HRACO meeting tomorrow and we’re getting a free book called “The Carrot Principle” and a speaker is coming in to talk about it. I’m pretty excited, because it deals a lot with motivation which is what I’m really interested in. Hopefully I can find time soon to actually read it. Maybe over Spring Break.

For now I’m off to yet another meeting, but there’s lunch involved so it shouldn’t be too bad. Hope everyone has a great week!