iPad and MS search and Google…tech week

The past week was all about technology.

Marketing Class: The very day after the launch of Apple’s iPad, we discuss it during marketing class to understand their strategy and key differentiators of the product. In fact this has been one of the corner stones of the marketing class this quarter: it is absolutely current. What ever articles or text we read is also very new and current. It is not uncommon to hear this in class: ‘this is new and happening, but we don’t have results yet, we will just have to wait and see‘. One caveat, the more I am learning about marketing, the more I am realizing that people have been trying to trick me all my life.

Internal Case Competition: Well the David vs Goliath story, only Google is the Goliath and Microsoft is the David. We basically had to come up with a strategy for Microsoft’s search business. Congratulations to all the winners. It was a decent experience, except for the fact that it made things a little tight for the weekend.

So that was last week, dominated by technology.