Don’t Search, Find it! [part 1]

Last Friday (January 29th) and Saturday we had the 1st year MBA case competition. We had a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity for us to apply the presentation and case analysis skills that we have been learning in class.

First, let me introduce my team. My team was created last quarter when we registered for the case competition. Strategically, it is best for the four team members to have a balanced background. I contacted a few of my classmates with different concentrations and formed a team with Sharon Hsu, Erik-Ray Palomar, and Bharat Deore.

We each had different experiences to share:

  • I worked in the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ as a project assistant where I gained experience with project management, corporate banking and maintaining relationships with clients.
  • Sharon worked at an insurance company in Taiwan and has a strong background in finance.
  • Bharat worked in the financial services industry as an IT consultant. Since he spent 4 years in Canada, he has some familiarity with North American companies; however, at the competition, our research will be critical.
  • Erik worked in the communications and promotions department of a government research agency in the Philippines. His experience includes project management, video production, informational campaigns, writing, and graphic design.
1001301st MBA case competition
From left to right: Bharat, Sharon, Tandy, Erik

At 8:00 on Friday morning, we received a case from January 2009 about Microsoft’s strategy for providing a better search engine in order to seize the market share from Google. In May 2009, Microsoft released its new search engine, Bing; however, we need to analyze the case and present recommendations as if it is the time of the case. Therefore, we were not able to take Bing’s release into account. It was truly a challenge because we need to keep ourselves from being affected by the concept of Bing and brainstormed for a totally new idea. (to be continued …)

Note: I try to tell the story of our case competition as comprehensive as possible because my team made lots of effort on it and it’s truly an exciting experience. However it looks like I will have a very long article… so I break it to part I and part II  : )