Unique opportunity through the Corporate Mentor Program – LDP

For those who decided to join the Corporate Mentor Program, Congratulations! This is really a unique opportunity that we as students receive thanks to the efforts of the Leadership Development Program.

Last Wednesday we had the opening event, and although not all the mentors were able to attend the meeting, it was a successful start (really nice setting, food and beverages πŸ™‚ ). The initial opportunity to interact on a one to one basis with people who have had a lot of success in their careers was enlightening and certainly motivating.

My mentor who has been part of the program since its beginning commented about how this program has been improving over the years, and it has helped many people to learn and grow as professionals. In addition, he was surprised by the amount of students registered for it in comparison to previous years when the program was only available for a smaller group. Finally, he was very happy to see how many more professionals volunteered for the program and in general he mentioned that the experience was very rewarding for him.

This type of programs shows the commitment of successful professionals in the community to continue the development of Fisher students in a range of ways. The program also shows how Fisher retains strong relationships with many successful companies from around the United States and really offers an excellent learning experience to students from a professional standpoint. This does not take place in a class room setting and really shows how flexible Fisher’s education strategies are.

I am amazed for the opportunity we get to interact with high level executives and very experienced executives. We get to learn so much and share our progress throughout this year, and take pointers on what we need to do as we look into the future.

My mentor was very energetic and extremely open to support to my professional development. We talked over 2 hours and I sincerely did not notice how the time went through because there was so much to talk about his professional experience and my career objectives. His insight in this short amount of time was extremely interesting and opened my mind to a range of possibilities.

It is an incredible opportunity especially for international students to interact with local professionals, viewing the US industry from their perspective and getting an understanding of the real world as we currently sit. It also improves our knowledge of corporate America, culture and the political aspect that without doubt we will all encounter as we move through our careers.

Thanks to all the mentors and special thanks to the Leadership Development Program for the great effort. We certainly appreciate it!