Are you ready to Ace your case?

This is a very exciting week for most of the first year MBA students. We have been hearing about the challenging Internal Case Competition since the Orientation week back in September and the competition is already here. Time keeps flying!!!

Many students have some experience with case competitions such as the P&G case, Green Case competition, and Project one. These case competitions offer a range of benefits: the experience of putting a team together, working on a topic which can be unfamiliar, and a chance to interact with the case sponsors which helps to develop Fisher’s relationship with companies who may look to hire MBA graduates in the future.

The winners of this internal case competition will represent Fisher in the Big 10 competition across the colleges in the Midwest offering even more exposure to the graduate students, the CIBER international competition, and many other opportunities available for us This year a very successful team of second years are representing Fisher in the very prestigious and competitive Wake Forest MBA Marketing Summit Case Competition. Maybe you can be one of the Fisher representatives next year!!!

This is a good time to show all what we have learned so far and show all the development got from the EPI class last quarter. The class helped us to develop confidence and also simple errors were fixed with constructive help as we progressed through the quarter.

Finally, the competition offers a really good opportunity to get exposed to high level executives and professionals to present a case / strategy and be able to defend it. As we progress through our careers it will be a common facet and something we will deal with on a regular basis.

Everyone get ready to show your best. The judges will be tough on us!!

Good luck to everyone!