LP, Bayes’, Stat, Tax, and Fraud –Hints for Incoming MAccers

Two days into the fourth week, course subjects have already been dramatic. My feelings have also been changing dramatically, following the waves of the topic flows.

Monday morning, the topic in the Fundamentals of Accounting class was Linear Programming (LP). Great thanks to the great job of my undergraduate professors, I felt very comfortable with LP. Prof. Arya’s lecture also added some useful new stuff. By the end of the class, half a day had flown easily and there I enjoyed the feeling of certainty so much that I understood everything taught in class.

But as time approaching 1:30pm, the feeling gradually switched from comfy to nervous. The Assurance class has been applying a lot of probability and statistics which is a weak field of mine. Walking in the classroom, I tried to keep my nerve by convincing myself that I have familiarized myself with Bayes’ Theorem, an important theorem in probability, and some other stat terms over the weekend so it should be okay. Nevertheless, walking out of the door after class, I was all “wet” by splashes of stat theories and totally sunk in the sea of statistics. That felt exactly the same way that you ran toward a sea with a life ring thinking it would be safe but you still got drowned.

With the weird feeling of “stat seasick”, quickly took a review quiz in the Tax class. In contrast to statistics, tax gave a much lighter taste and fortunately turned my feeling back to an upward trend.

Tuesday, guest speakers in the Fraud class. I sat in and enjoyed the speech as usual. Great speakers, interesting topic, and a dose of humor was just right. What’s special is that one of the speakers did commit fraud before and spent a year and a day in jail for conspiracy. As he talked about his experience, my once bounced mood dropped. I became very emotional listening to his guilty feeling about harms to family and I felt scared how easily this could happen to us, accountants, even if we have no intention to commit fraud.

Then the other speaker wrapped up the lecture, while I was still in the complexity of feelings, with a question, which also wrapped up these two days, “who still wants to be an accountant? Raise your hand.” A couple hands up? Welcome aboard.