Ignoring the Necessities

Well, I’m officially avoiding ‘real’ work by updating my blog. It could be worse, though, I could be doing something even less productive, like facebooking. As a side note, I think it’s incredible how easily new words, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are formed. Facebooking; ten years ago, all of us would have been confused with the use of this word. Friended; come on, this is just really bad grammar, but with the new revelation (I suppose it’s not new anymore) it’s an entirely acceptable thing to say – in most cases.

I digress. Tomorrow is my second meeting with the redesign group I’m working with for my internship project. The difference with tomorrow is that I’m presenting the work that I’ve done so far and my proposal for a schedule which could take place as early as next quarter! To me, the more nerve wracking part is not that I’m presenting to ‘big wigs’ but that I’m nervous that what makes sense to me doesn’t make sense to someone else. I’m writing out my explanation for everything I done so that I’m able to easily verbalize everything tomorrow. I always know the words to say, they just don’t always come to the tip of my tongue. So, wish me luck! I’m very excited!

I’ve also recently applied for internships with Honda of America, Pacer International, and Cardinal Health. Hopefully I hear something back from one of them.

In wedding news, I’m cake testing on Friday! If anyone wants to be my official taste-tester, come along! I don’t like cake, and my mom doesn’t eat a lot of it, so we may need someone to step in for us. Also, check out the website here for the flavors. I need help for narrowing down what I want to try. I’ve decided I for sure want to try the “Cookie Monster” cake – it could be either a complete disaster or completely awesome. We’ll see. If you have input on what you think would be a great flavor for an awesome wedding cake, comment away.

Awesome Wedding Cake! Who wouldn't be excited to eat that?
Awesome Wedding Cake! Who wouldn't be excited to eat that?