Working hard in Excel

This quarter has been a lot of work already. I am taking a Financial Modeling course, using Excel, and the stock market class. In the modeling course, I have already finished close to 20 models, and in my stock market class I have been modeling Hudson City Bancorp’s (HCBK) income statements, as well as cash flow statements. I have spent a ton of time in Excel, but I keep learning more about the program and its capabilities, which has been nice.

Being at Fisher has been fantastic because I have had the opportunity to take some courses outside of the typical accounting realm, giving me the chance to really explore where I want my career to be, as well as giving me a perspective on potential long-term career options. In addition to those, it also has given me the chance to widen my skill base, giving me some terrific knowledge as well as skills that I will be able to bring to my first employer to create value.

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