Kid’s story: shortness of breath

Timeline: Sunday evening

I see: my new wireless router working endlessly

I hear: XM radio playing in the background.

I smell: Midnight something

I feel: a little thirsty

This week was a short one, given that there was MLK day on Monday, but I feel more tired than usual. Lately, I have felt that I really can’t go the distance with whatever it is that I have to do. Partly, this is because winter quarter has been much less motivating than I expected, but interestingly (or rather, confusingly) enough, the weather has played a minor role.

The four core classes this quarter are only lectures. Naturally, some of my classmates, I assume, find that great, and I wouldn’t blame them. Quite personally, I hate lectures, but that’s just my opinion. In that sense, I can’t wait to get this quarter over with to see if I get more case studies in the spring.

So why do I find lectures so boring? Well, it is now the beginning of the fourth week in the quarter out of a total of nine weeks, and I feel that what I’ve learned is quite close to nothing. The way I see it, I’m not actually paying for a teacher to talk to me for one hour and 48 minutes about something I read the night before or that I can read any time from a book or an article. The most valuable experience in the MBA is what my classmates have to offer in the form of opinions and arguments in discussions during class. Lectures allow for much less of that than case discussions or activity-based classes. I looked back at my notes on what I’ve learned so far this quarter and there’s merely a list of topics covered, not a single item marked as KIM or WON (Keep in Mind and Worthy of Notice, respectively).

Anyway, I trust the Fisher College of Business and the wisdom of its members, and I’m sure there is a very valid reason for things being this way. I’ll be on the lookout for the missing link by which it’ll all make sense.

In other news, the warm-ish weather is slowly coming to an end (according to the weather man). I’m just glad the snow melted away for a full week and the wind was kind of calm.

Also, I hope the tow truck comes to the FC soon! Parking’s becoming a mess and around 40% of the cars parked in front of my building have no parking permit. Visitors, please park on the east side or get a ride from a resident or something… Otherwise, I hope they give a discount for having to park one or two buildings away (yeah, right…).

“Please don’t give in, I won’t let you down…”  – Adam Lambert