Competitive Edge Workshop

I took part in the Competitive Edge Workshop, which was held by Professor Ford and Professor Inks, on Friday morning. Before the workshop I read the book The Power of Personal Accountability, which was highly recommended by the professors in the workshop.

It is the first workshop,  held by HR professors, that I attended. Honestly, it was interesting and valuable. I really appreciate the  ACCOUNTABILITY LOOP as well as the VICTIM LOOP.

Accountability Loop

Recognize–>Own–>Forgive–>Self-Examine–>Learn–>Take Action–>Intention.

Victim Loop


Obviously, people may accidentally drop in the victim loop when they are careless or tired.

It is common to see somebody complain about his job, his spouse and his study.

There are a number of excuses for failures or mistakes.

My friend, do you want to stop complaining?

Please follow the Accountability Loop!

Please be responsible for you and people around you.

Please take action to solve the problem without saying “no”!

Come on! Be responsible!