Total and Complete Confusion

Well, week 3 is officially half over. Happy Hump Day! Right now, as I sit in Statistics, I am for the first time in 5 years, totally and completely confused. This is a very new feeling for me, especially in stats. I spent 2 years of my undergrad degree as a math major – I went through the 500 level of math. I should be able to do this!

Who knows what's going on here?
Who knows what's going on here?

So, after discussing this single slide for a good 20 minutes, I barely understand what’s going on. My advice: ask questions, and continue to ask the same question, even if it’s not answered the first time.

My game plan from here: get my stats notes from my other stats classes I took in undergrad and review them. It all made sense at one point, maybe it will come back to me. Jaimie tells me my game plan should include getting an MBA to help me. Maybe I’ll do that, or a 2nd year, or call my dad.

I suppose it could be worse. In other news, I did not get the internship/job. Apparently it is coded for an undergrad and there’s no wiggle room. No worries here. I have since applied for two more internships and I have two others on back up should they fall through as well.

Hope everyone has a great night! Good luck to all those who are struggling with stats or other classes!