Mark Titus and Ohio State Basketball

Who is Mark Titus? Mark Titus is a walk-on on the Ohio State men’s basketball team and he has a blog called Club Trillion which is hilarious. A friend of mine turned me on to his blog last season and it did not disappoint. Last week to celebrate the 2,000,000th hit on his website, Mr. Titus created this video showcasing his basketball skills. It is both funny and impressive.

After wins over ranked opponents, Purdue and Wisconsin, last week the Bucks are back in the polls. Unfortunately, I was in class and didn’t get to see the Purdue game but I was able to attend the Wisconsin game on Saturday and even had dinner at Tommy’s beforehand which I hadn’t done in a couple of years. All in all it was a pretty good weekend until I had to get back to real life on Sunday and do some reading for my classes. Today I enjoyed having MLK day off from class but it only prolonged the inevitable for another day.