Leading from the heart – Artie Isaac

Every week, we have a Leadership and Professional Development event at Fisher College of Business to hone our leadership skills and launch our personal development. Last week we had a lecture by renowned speaker, Artie Isaac.

Artie Isaac is a highly sought-after teacher and public speaker. He is an exciting personality and there is never a dull moment in his presentations. Artie is dynamic and entertaining while offering new perspectives on how to tap into your creativity. His leadership style is unique and there is no doubt that you will leave feeling inspired!

Artie has taught consumer behavior, copywriting, and the history of advertising here at The Ohio State University and the Columbus College of Art & Design. A Columbus native, Artie co-founded Young Isaac, an award-winning, creative marketing strategy and advertising agency. He is also the co-founder of SpeakerSite, the world’s largest social network of event planners and public speakers. He started his career with agencies in New York, including Ogilvy & Mather and holds an MBA in Marketing from Columbia and a BA in English Literature from Yale. Check out this site for more information about Artie: www.artieisaac.com

He talked about various things which are important for an MBA apart from the business fundamentals. He talked about following a career where the work and hobby blend into each other. He used many thought provoking illustrations and anecdotes to make us learn and appreciate his ideas better.

He told us what we must learn from B-school – Basic skills, Leadership, Ethics, Creativity and Self Understanding.


He talked about the CEO of KPMG and the book he wrote, Chasing Daylight, when he was dying of cancer. He talked about family and importance of having separate time for work, family and personal.  Personal is something that a business professional seem to forget in his daily life which eventually makes him unhappy. That is why he suggested us to take some time out of busy schedule and spend the same understanding ourselves.  Referring to Naht Hahn’s Lead from the breath, he talked about the importance of breathing and how we should be curious when we breath in and accept when we breath out.

It was truly a 360 degree learning experience!


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  1. Dear Mr. Isaac, thanks for coming and sharing your unique thoughts with us. In our MBA program, we are so much busy with our coursework that it gets hard to seek out some personal space for ourselves. After impressed by your suggestions, I have started making a lot of changes in my busy life and it is really coming in as a bliss.I am all ears and heart for everything that you have to say. Looking forward to more inspiring moments.

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