The quarter is moving fast…

So this is week three…

… only seven more to go…

…we are almost half way there (again!).

I must say that my first quarter as WPMBA student was a lot more intensive than quarter two.  I am trying to figure out if it was the combination of having Data Analysis and Managerial Economics together that made my first quarter so hectic or the fact that it takes some time to adjust to at least forty hours of work in addition to the MBA program.

Regardless, I must say that I am truly enjoying quarter two even though we now have three classes and one of them is called Enhancing Professional Interchange which is basically a public speaking class with a lot more pressure since we are being recorded!!!

A nice difference between quarter one and two is the  good feeling you have when you see familiar faces around the room.  During the first quarter the time right before classes or right after were mostly made up of silence.  Now, we are very talkative, we hang out after class, and even get together for dinner before class.  What a difference.

Week one and two went by fast, three should follow suit, before we know it we will be done with one more quarter.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel already!!

Have a great week!!

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