Kid’s story: Return of the Sith

Timeline: Monday evening

I see: Six (6) different games of the Australian open at the same time… this rocks!

I hear: pluck, pong, pluck, pong, pluck, grunt… applause.

I smell: sweet orange

I feel: the pain…

So the second quarter has started. This time around, I have decided to complain less and stick more to the facts and/or the positive aspects (let’s see how long that holds…).

Weather-wise, winter is here, but so far it hasn’t been so bad. The worst we’ve seen is -10°C and that was quite bearable. This week we were in the positive side of the scale and the 10-or-so cm of snow we had last week have melted away. Among other things, this allowed me to give my baby a bath so now she looks much prettier.

Class-wise, not much is new. We have four core classes and one elective each. One of my teammates had a problem with the scheduling of her elective and thus sees only two of the four cores with us, which has made meeting scheduling mildly more complex, but we’ve managed so far. I have noticed that we speak less often with the team, sticking to what’s very strictly necessary for group-work in the best of cases (either that or I’m being left out of the loop), which is a bit discouraging at present, but I guess it just takes some getting used to.

My elective’s really cool because I get to be a project manager for a team made up of one mechanical engineer, one electrical engineer, and one industrial designer; all of them undergrads. The task at hand is to redesign a Gauss-meter for a local company, and we have two quarters for that. So far, the team has worked very well (and I am seeing more of them than of my MBA team). Funny fact: one of them, turns out, comes from my country.

Life-wise, it has so far been manageable to cope with the weather conditions and all they entail. I now have satellite TV service and will have Wi-Fi this week, as well as a real phone (smartphone). All of these tools have certainly made my life easier in many ways. I have also engaged in winter activities: today I went snowboarding with FM and had a LOT of fun. It was in a place not far from Columbus, so I’ll probably return soon.

Something to look forward to? The internal case competition in two weeks or so!

“The result is a low-impact, calorie-blasting workout…” – Ad