DayQuil + Taxes = Party

Geoff and I finally caved in and purchased a Costco membership, which ended up costing us $30 instead of $50 . Apparently, if a new member can use an existing member as a “referrer,” each party receives $10 in Costco Cash. My father happened to be my referrer, and worrying that I wasn’t getting enough to eat, handed over his moolah. I don’t know when I’ll ever need a ten-pound block of cheese, but there are some great deals on frozen lunch items. Except it’s really hard to get to a microwave in Gerlach around lunchtime, so I think I’ll be switching to sandwiches. I don’t know what the real point of that story was, but if anyone out there wants to get a cheap membership, I’ll hook you up (assuming the Costco in Columbus works the same way as the one in Pittsburgh).

There’s not really a whole lot going on right now. I was sick over the weekend, and ended up having to finish VITA in a medicated stupor, and that’s about as exciting as my life got. It took much longer than I expected (probably fifteen hours altogether), so it was definitely something I should have done over winter break. Having a buddy risk her health to spend quality tax time with me definitely helped. Thank you LA!

Lessons from last quarter: 1) whenever possible, make sure to pick team members who share your work ethic and are aiming for similar grades, 2) depending on who you are, night classes might not be the best idea, especially ones on Thursday nights because they conflict with pretty much every single EOTW event.