Quarter #2

Coming from a school on semesters in undergrad, it is strange to have only completed 1/3 of the school year at this point when it would normally be half over.  However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not excited to for my last two quarters.  I am fortunate to have the massive weight of finding a job off my shoulders and now I can just focus on my schoolwork and soon, the CPA exam.

I am looking forward to a terrific quarter as I feel that the four classes I have selected will be great learning experiences and all have great professors.  The class that I think I will enjoy the most is Financial Modeling in Excel taught by Professor Oglevee.  He has a Wall Street background and expects perfection from his students.  I think this will challenge me to focus on detail (I’m a big picture thinker, so this has always been an issue) and the class will also allow me to enhance my Excel skills.

The class that all MAcc students are required to take this quarter is Fundamentals of Accounting taught by professor Arya.  The class is very laid back and generally consists of a lecture about a managerial accounting topic.  While I have chosen not to pursue a career in corporate accounting after two years of experience, it has always interested me.  Arya asks intriguing questions about managerial decision-making based on accounting data and challenges us to think outside the box.

My other two classes this quarter are an auditing course with Professor Spires and Business Taxation with Professor Raabe.  Both professors have an immense amount of experience in their chosen fields and it will certainly help me to draw on their knowledge throughout the quarter.  I feel fortunate to get some exposure to auditing even though I will be focusing on tax this fall.