Need For Interdisciplinary Business Degrees (according to Google)

Interdisciplinary Need  Graph

When I began thinking about interdisciplinary degrees and specifically proposing an MBA+MFA, I spent a lot of time looking at the structure and organization of interdisciplinary both at The Ohio State University as well as at other schools. The Fisher College of Business offers a variety of combined MBA degrees. As I looked through the various options of combined degrees (and the lack of joint MBA+MFA degree) I began to wonder what the demand for a combined knowledge of business and the various disciplines were. I, for instance, oft hear and read of the business of medicine… but rarely of the business of pharmacy, however there is a joint masters degree for both. In order to get a more scientific understanding of the needs of combining business and other disciplines, I decided to Google the equation:  Business+ “N” where “N” was a discipline offered in conjunction with an MBA  at Fisher so that I could compare them to the  Googled results of the equation “Business+Design” to see just what the demand/interest for the different combined MBA degrees was. Much to my surprise “Business+Design” returned many multiples of results compared to any of the combined degree disciplines that Fisher already offers, except for Business+Public Policy which Fisher recently addressed with a new MBA+MPA joint degree. Based on the Google results, it seems that there is a a great interest and consequently a great unarticulated need for knowledge to address business and design… The MBA+MFA. (reposted from