First Week Back

And we are back once again. Winter break was amazing (see my post on Peru), and I was looking forward to getting back to school to get back into the grind but I think I was ready to walk back into the grind, not run into it, which it seems like I have. This quarter my classmates and I are taking some more core classes as well as an elective. The core classes are Marketing Management, Cost Accounting, Operations Management, & Corporate Finance. All of these classes I am taking at their normal times during the week. The elective I have chosen is on Sundays. Yes you read correctly, Sundays. The elective is called Financial Modeling in Excel and is taught by one of the best teachers at Fisher, Dan Oglevee. Now this is one tough class because all we do is build financial models, 55 of them. So after sitting in the first class today, although excited, I have my work cut out for me because I think that this class is going to be very rewarding if I put some hard work in. I’ll keep you updated.

Also this quarter, there are some fun activities outside of the classes I have signed up for. I am involved in the Urban Land Institute Case Competition which is a cross disciplinary competition. My self and another MBA student are paired up with a student working towards his Masters of City Planning, a student from the Masters of Landscape Architecture program and a student from the Masters in Architecture program. Our task will be to provide a redevelopment design plan along with supporting financial figures for a certain redevelopment area in the country. We hear about it on MLK day and will have two weeks to put it together. From what I am told it is a lot of work but I am really looking forward to it. Check out a little bit more about it here.

If that isn’t enough, I am in the middle of an intense internship search. I have been making phone calls non-stop and working a billion angels to meet and learn about different companies and try to find the right fit for myself this summer. Anyone in need of a smart guy with some real estate experience?

Also, can it please stop being in the 20’s and get warmer?