Winter Wonderland…if you want to be optimistic

As you know, I dearly love the state of Ohio.  I love the people, I love the cost of living, I love the things to do and I even love the crazy buckeye fans.  What I conveniently forget every year however is that I do not love Ohio in the winter.  Is snow pretty? Generally, yes.  Is snow pretty when it falls everyday, parking lots are not plowed, and it takes me 25 minutes to drive the four miles between school and home? No.  Not in the least.

First about the snow falling everyday.  Snow greeted me last Saturday as I was driving back to Columbus from break.  It snowed Sunday.  Monday.  Tuesday.  Yesterday there was a little bit of relief.  And today holy cow it just doesn’t stop.  What happened to all of this global warming everyone is talking about!?!?

Now for the parking lots.  I have some complaints.  The first is to Ohio State.  Everyday I park in a large parking lot located on the corner of Lane and Tuttle and it is the closest to Fisher.  This parking lot is icy every single day and despite very lovely orange cones depicting the lanes to park in people just do not understand them.  Do the cones depict the start of a set of two rows or the middle of a set of two rows? Confusion everywhere, people blocking others in and general mayhem that has resulted in me parking as far away in the lot as I can possibly be just so I don’t have to deal with confused people and to avoid being blocked in.  It is not just OSU though.  My own apartment complex has invested not in a plow service but…get ready… in a hand-pushed plow…it would probably take the maintenance people until May to plow the parking lot with that.  I hope they have shovels to loan out to residents because I have a funny feeling I will be needing it this winter.

And lastly Ohio driving.  I have never been a fan of Ohio drivers even in the best of conditions.  I learned how to drive New York style which means a bit too fast, aggressively, and defensively.  I am not afraid to use my horn if you are about to cut me off.  Here that doesn’t translate so well.  In the snow I get even more annoyed.  My philosophy for snow driving is incredibly simple….I SLOW DOWN.  That is all there is too it.  Slow down so you always have plenty of room to stop and don’t drive like a maniac.  Not hard right?  I complain about Ohio drivers going to slow in good conditions…it’s like they suddenly enjoy speeding in four inches of snow and white outs.  I’ll never understand it.  So be prepared.

Other advice…invest in good snow boots.  I discovered these boots by a company called Bare Tracks and I’m obsessed.  They are completely waterproof yet still cute.  So if all else fails, I enjoy winter because of my snow boots.

Oh and the first week is going just fine…. 🙂