And a new decade is here…

It’s a welcome back to a new quarter for all the students and staff at Fisher but more importantly welcome into a new decade! I think the optimism that comes with such a change couldn’t come at a more important time as people look for hope in what was a rough end to the last decade. The weather here in Ohio has taken a turn for the cooler and the 7-9cm of snow today has made the area a winter wonderland albeit a slightly chilly one (compare to the beautiful summer time at home right now anyways)!

I had the chance to experience a range of emotions over the holiday season with the joy of spending time with friends and family overseas being exciting and a good way to get a break while the relentless buildup to the new quarter continued unabated. New very exciting classes this quarter Marketing, Finance, Cost accounting, operations, and innovation. There are also many other activities including internal case competition, a range of intramural sports and a lot activities with the various associations.

The New Year in Columbus was celebrated in a range of places from bars, to homes and on campus at the international students New Year celebration hosted by the office of international affairs ( I had the chance to be downtown for the festivities with friends from all over the world which I have met since beginning the MBA here at Fisher. It made for a great evening and everyone was excited to have the opportunity to spend the celebration together on such a great occasion.

This quarter also signifies the season of interviewing for internships. Everyone has been applying over the last three months and cleaning up resumes and now in attempting to attain internships in some of the best companies all over the world we will be interviewing for these career opportunities over the next few months. It’s a tough process but one that will stand us good stead once we pass into the real world and private industry.

Finally I would like to wish everyone and safe and prosperous New Year and hope that we all have a better year than in 2009.