Christmas Break

This was without a doubt the most action-packed Christmas break of all my college years. Sarah and I left after work on the 22nd, making it to Richmond around midnight. I spent the 23rd doing the requisite last-minute shopping, picking up a few more things for my family, and then it was Christmas Eve. Sarah’s family came over, and there was something like 20 people there. Quite a bit of fun, and tons of food. I definitely over ate to the extreme, and it was glorious. We left for DC after breakfast on Christmas Day, it was actually pretty crazy how packed interstate 95 was heading from DC to Richmond.

After celebrating with my family, we went to sleep, waking up at 4:30am for the drive to Pittsburgh. We flew from Pittsburgh, connecting with my family in Atlanta, for the trip to Munich. We spent the next week in Austria skiing in the Alps, but that is a story for the next post.

After making it back to Pittsburgh at 9pm Sunday night, we still had to drive back to Columbus. It was 4am Germany time, so the drive was pretty miserable. We went straight to sleep, waking up this morning, just in time for class. It is going to be an awesome quarter, I am definitely excited!