New year and new quarter!

Hi Everyone!

I took some time off from blogging 1) because I didn’t have much to write about and 2) I was enjoying my relaxation time at home with my family and my dog 🙂

Highlights from winter break:

-Not having any night classes!

-Eating a TON of delicious food (good thing I’m taking yoga this quarter…)

-Spending some time in NYC.  I saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with my Dad and my sister Eileen (my Dad liked it the most…he was like a little kid in a candy store!) and on New Years Eve, my family and some extended family saw Jersey Boys on Broadway (amazing…I danced out of the theater) and then ate an amazing dinner at a place on 9th Ave called the Chelsea Grill.

And now I’m back in good old Columbus.  I drove back from Connecticut on Saturday night.  The weather was iffy especially the second half of the trip and I was anxiety ridden the entire time.  I hate driving in snow, but I live in Ohio now and I have faced the fact that I need to learn how to do it.  So I drove through the snow on the highway and made it safely back.  If worst comes to worst though I do have access to COTA, the Columbus bus system, so if it gets really bad I will be on the bus…just need to figure out how it works…

I started back at work today and classes start this evening.  This quarter will be interesting. I am taking my three MLHR classes, Foundations of HR II, a continuation of my stats class from last quarter, and a research methods class so a lot of math stuff.  I am also taking yoga which I’m really excited about.  So I’m looking forward to a lot more group projects, a lot more excel…and hopefully finding some summer plans that involve HR 🙂

Happy Winter 2010!