First Winter Challenge

So we got back in town on Wednesday to beat the new year weekend travel crowds in the airports. It turned out to be a pretty smart thing to do, as security only took 15 minutes and there was no delay in our flight at all. Temperature here back in Columbus was about mid 30s so we thought “okay, we can handle this”. Not a bad way to end the year and get ready for the new quarter, I said to myself.

Next thing I know, the weather turned 180 the very same night and it got colder and colder and colder, and even colder the next few days!!! The average of the past couple of days was in the high teens, with windchill in the single digit, but we had no choice. There was no food in the house and we gotta go get something to eat, buy groceries, etc etc.

So here’s our little adventure on Saturday and a really interesting/shocking/surprising/whatever discovery. We decided to finally go see Avatar at the nearby AMC, but before we could drive the car out of the parking lot, there came the first winter challenge: our car door locks were frozen!!! I managed to stick the car key in with limited movements through my big, thick, skiing gloves, and turned very slowly and gently. Yes!!! The door opened, but wait a minute, how come it wouldn’t close?

No matter what I do the door hinges thing just wouldn’t latch on and just bounced the door right back. After about 5 minutes of mindlessly trying to get the door to close, Tiff decided it was too cold and she jumped inside the car to start the engine and get the heater going. I decided to do the same and held the door shut with my left hand. Then we heard this “click” sound and that door finally agreed to stay closed on its own.

So that’s how we learned that the door was actually frozen and I guess I better be taking the bus to school this quarter because I simply can’t afford to battle with the car door and be late to my classes, not to mention going into Dan-O’s class late… eeek that’s not gonna be pretty… last but not least, the movie was awesome!!! Go watch it if you haven’t already.