Hello Winter!

Here comes winter break!

Because of the painstaking finals, I have not visited my blog for a few weeks… but now the autumn quarter ended with all grades released in an instant. Wow, I have been in States for four months and successfully completed one quarter! Although I am partly not satisfied with my grades, but thinking about all the excitement, expectation and professional knowledge I experienced through Fisher’s intensive courses, I am much more confident that I made the best choice for my MBA program! Also, this winter I have lots of plans—having eight days trip in Florida (to visit Mickey in Disneyworld and alligators in Everglades National Park… haha ), internship searching (well, this is probably the most import), car maintenance check (do you guys recommend any nice mechanics nearby?), and some preview of next quarters’ courses. Oh, I wonder whether I can do all things in three weeks!

Before coming to USA, some MBA colleagues told me that I need to spend my time not only on school work but also experiencing America. As a result, Kai, Sharon and I made up our minds to go to Florida for 8 days instead of staying home. (sometimes we prefer staying home…because we are a little bit lazy) There were actually many of my classmates went to Florida this winter, and we met Fan, Bo, and Stacy staying in the same hotel during the trip : )

One day before traveling to Florida, I  visited Columbus Zoo. Here is one picture I took with a little black sheep. Unfortunately, it was chilly so we just saw a few animals (bears and antelopes hid in the caves)


I look forward to sharing with you my experience of the trip in my next blog!

Happy Holidays!