Saint Christopher

I script this on Christmas, on two fifths of Swiss Miss,
Connect quips like isthmus, been tested like litmus,
White elephant gift sits, like presents I rip this,
My presence is witnessed, so pleasant it gives fits,
Good heavens, he spits quick, I wrap raps like gifts,
I amass stacks like blackjacks, and attack tracks and riffs,
This melody brings memories, I blast back to six,
With flashbacks to backpacks with Snack Packs and Twix,
On this fast track I miss, when love was unconditional,
And life was so traditional, we didn’t need additional,
No concept of rich/poor, bought outfits at thrift stores,
Now tons of opportunities, but I can’t pick which door,
Ignorance was bliss, now I search for reasons for living,
But reminded by a friend, that ‘tis the season for giving,
Who found a higher purpose by going under the knife,
To prove the struggle’s worth it, cause “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

An amazing front page article in the Arizona Daily Star about one of my best friends in Tucson:

Happy Holidays,

Mike ^_^

Chris McCline: A real life superhero

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