My first birthday in USA… was exactly Thanksgiving!

Well, it’s almost one month late but I still want to post this article, because I believe it must be a magic or a kind of best wishes—my first birthday in USA happened to fall on Thanksgiving!


However, we all knew that the finals would be in the beginning of December, so my sweet classmates held a birthday party for me on November 22. We had a wonderful lunch in Buca di Beppo, a very nice Italian restaurant with much delicious cuisine. We got a special room—there was a Pope’s chair (and it was “accidently” arranged to be my seat…haha) and unique wall paintings. I also got a lot of best wishes on facebook, even from some of my classmates that I still could not pronounce their names very well (oh, I am so sorry for that! And Bharat, I apologize that I unintentionally pronounced your name wrongly throughout the quarter and you just kindly accepted that!) Some of them used their native languages to wish me a happy birthday, and I was so appreciative of that. Obviously, the most amazing thing of Fisher MBA program is that we have almost 40% of international students from all over the world!


Totally getting rid of all tough works, we all had a wonderful time 😀    Thank you all my dear friends!

Most excitedly, my uncle, aunt and cousin Rita came to visit me the day before Thanksgiving (and my birthday!)  They live in Delaware and drove for a long distance to Columbus (I am so grateful for your visit, uncle, auntie and Rita!). Because Rita grew up in USA, I actually have not met her and aunt before—and this time it was a great opportunity to have a family reunion! It’s always nice to spend the holiday with family.

I invited them to take a rest in my apartment before going to dinner since they were tired from driving for a long time. They visited Fisher Commons and were delighted to see this nice place for MBA students (I am again so proud of Fisher!) I also wanted to show Rita some nice places in Fisher campus, but it’s a pity that time was not enough. Rita is also interested in pursuing MBA program, so I also suggested that maybe she can apply for Fisher in 2011 and she will be able to take over my room immediately after I graduate…haha 😀

We had dinner in Marcella’s—another great Italian restaurant in Columbus! Uncle told the handsome waiter that it would be my birthday on November 26, so I got a little lovely cake. : )



Happy Birthday for me on Thanksgiving!



2 thoughts on “My first birthday in USA… was exactly Thanksgiving!”

  1. Hi Tandy.

    It is Takenaka. How are you?

    Congratulations on a wonderful birthday though it slowed.

    We will tell my family’s recent situation.
    The car was bought and substituted on December 26.
    A next car is HONDA INSIGHT of the gas-and-electric-powered car.
    It gets good mileage, and it likes it very much.
      (The color is arabasuta-Silver metallic. )

    The second son visits from India in the transfer destination
    his old home on December 27.
    To our regret, he has fallen asleep by influenza since the 28th. (>_<)

    I undergo eyesight recovery operation (LASIK),
    and eyesight is ..better recovery..
    ..passing.. . in ‘0.07’ ⇒ ‘1.50’ on December 28.
    Pleasure to live without glasses after an interval of 20 years or more
    is tasted. (^^♪

    Finally, please receive the new year of hope.

    From haruzumi&shoko takenaka

  2. Hi Takenaka San,

    Wow you car looks really nice! Congratulations!

    Also, congrats for your eye surgery. It’s also good to get rid of glasses. I believe you must be much handsome now… haha 😀

    I am sorry for your son’s current condition, but I believe he will feel much better after taking few days rest. How about drinking some lemonade? I caught a cold when I came to USA but after intensively drinking lemonade I recovered very fast 

    Happy New Year!


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