Merry Christmas!

This blog entry is three weeks delayed. I flew back to New York City right after my last final on Dec 10th. I took a five-day road trip by buses and trains to a couple of cities on the east coast to meet friends and family friends (excuse me for a little redundancy in the sentence). Then the other two weeks delayed were spent on meeting family and friends in the city. Oh lord, home is so sweet!

I also sneaked in the pre-Christmas party held by SACC, the tutoring center I used to worked at in Baruch College in NYC, where previous and current “work force” got together to celebrate for the holiday. Some previous tutors are already working as professionals in large companies; some come back periodically to host workshops or to help out during final weeks; some are going to grad school and sneak back, like I did, to reunite with friends. Current tutors introduced “new faces” and update “ex-work force” with news at the center and on campus. We shared interesting stories and enjoyed home-made food brought by everyone. Games and songs were played and all were perfect for the season.

Of course, my new friends in Columbus are not forgotten, especially my groups from the past quarter. Each of the four groups I was in was very special and fun. We worked together many weekends, till mid nights; we did dinner dates, snack dates, and even breakfast dates (mostly for group projects); we went to watch “Mirror Lake Jump”, watched games, and, well, basically all random things. Here are the pictures of my four lovely groups and I wish all my dear group mates merry Christmas and a happy new year!

PB050240food 233food 237food 245

By the way, our group gathering involved a number of little cute creatures—pets. Here’s LE. I only have shots from the back though, because she was licking my camera every time I took pictures from the front.

food 035

Refer to Kyle’s blog for more LE’s picture, =)