Bowling- College Football Style

College football’s bowl season is always a thrill, but here are some match-ups that I am looking forward to watching:

  • The Ohio State University is playing in the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1997. As discussed in a previous post, this match-up should be about the Ohio State defense stopping the high powered Oregon offense.
  • The Big 10 brings seven teams to bowls this year and each match-up should be a great game. Besides the Rose Bowl, I am looking forward to the Penn State vs. LSU game. It should provide a good indicator of the Big 10 this year, as LSU is the third best team in the SEC and Penn State is the third best team in the Big 10. If Penn State can pull of a huge win over the Bayou Bengals of LSU, it would provide a huge spark for the conference.
  • I am also looking forward to the Florida vs. Cincinnati game. The game has a few huge story lines:
    • Tim Tebow’s last college football game- even if you don’t like the guy, you have to admit, he has had a stellar college football career.
    • Cincinnati goes for an undefeated season and further tries to prove they belonged in the National Championship game.
    • Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly jumps ship for Notre Dame, leaving the team he brought to national prominence without a coach for arguably the biggest bowl game in school history.