Escaping the cold~

With school out of the way for the next 3 weeks, that means no 804 papers, no 846 quizzes, and 824 cases (sigh, I actually enjoy them). After getting a glimpse of the real Ohio winter last week where the average high was in the 20s, heading back down to the south seems like a great idea. Last time I checked, the 10-day forecast for Houston is somewhere between 50 and 70 degrees! I’ll take that any day in December, ha!

Another thing we’ll be looking forward to is all the food in Chinatown in Houston. Since I’ve lost about 15 lbs since the beginning of the MAcc program, I’ve decided to put back on at least 5 this winter break, so stay tuned for all the food pics.

Finally, I wanna wish everyone Happy Holidays and may you all get lots of presents and gifts. If you’re staying in town, stay warm, eat lots of food, and drink lots of beer~ It’s been a tough (but rewarding, of course) first quarter for everyone at Fisher, and we all deserve a break!!!

See you guys in 2 weeks!!!

Henry & Tiffany