First Quarter by the Numbers

102 days (at time of writing) have passed since I arrived in Columbus for this latest adventure in my life. As you may already know, finals are over and essentially we are free to do as we please until classes resume on 01.04.2010. Over the past couple of days, I’ve finally been able to “come up for air” and think about what’s happened in my life. Since I am fond of numbers, I present to you First Quarter by the Numbers:

  • 288 unique or recurring (up to 20 times each) outlook appointments
  • 1,716 emails to my FCOB account – and these are just the messages I saved
  • 10 countries from which I know people (off the top of my head – there may be others I can’t think of)
  • 92 LinkedIn connections
  • 1 Human Resources class taken
  • 2 MS Excel statistical package add-ins
  • 4:30 AM – the latest I have ever stayed up to do school work – see # of Human Resources classes taken
  • Infinity – pages of textbook readings assigned (at least it felt like that many!)
  • 2000+ PowerPoint slides created for presentations or viewed in classes/information sessions/etc.
  • 1 – OSU home football game attended (win vs. Iowa)
  • 35+  slices of free pizza consumed
  • 2000+ ounces of coffee consumed
  • 1 case competition completed (2nd place!)
  • 10+ case interviews practiced
  • 4 international flights scheduled (ok, for one trip…)
  • 15+ trips to Five Guys
  • 3 trips to Jeni’s
  • 18 blog posts written (actually, 19, once this is done!)

…and plenty more things I have forgotten. I know I made some approximations, but I am confident that most of them are within 10%. I’d run some statistics on that but I’d rather continue reading Outliers

Thanks to all my friends, new and old. It’s been a great ride the past few months. Happy Holidays.


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