Finals Week and Winter Break

Finally wrapping up my first quarter at Fisher (or at least the first one I spent entirely in Columbus).  This week is finals week.  However, the way things worked out, last week ended up being much more stressful than this.  I had three presentations last week (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday), as well as a group paper due Wednesday and an individual final paper due Saturday at midnight. (Kudos to one especially dauntless MBA [you know who you are] for starting at 10:30 Saturday morning!)

Compared to that this week was easy—just exams.  No class, no team meetings, no assignments—just exams.  At this point, I have two exams down (Econ and Stats) with only one (Accounting) standing between me and winter break.

Looking forward to break, I’ll be:

Others have much more glamorous plans (e.g. tanning in Florida, skiing in Vail), but I’m just looking forward to relaxing and spending some time at home—and maybe I’ll catch a movie or two.

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The Snowball Good thing I've got all of break to read this

The Snowball Good thing I've got all of break to read this

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