This week’s top five: random quarter rankings

This is a special edition of the top five including some random takeaways from my first quarter in the MBA program.

Top Frowns

  1. The cold weather
  2. The distance from home
  3. The ACUTE shortage of parking spaces
  4. The absence of a dependable public transportation system
  5. The fact that we have quarters instead of semesters; I feel a little force-fed knowledge-wise

Top Smiles

  1. The abundance of beautiful girls on campus
  2. The freeways, and their general lack of holes
  3. The warmth of the locals (special mentions to David Smith, Alisa, MH, GO, AB, SS, MT, and NF)
  4. The EOTWs
  5. Free food and free drinks everywhere!

Top sad lesson: people here study way too hard.

Top happy lesson: you can actually have attainable dreams here.

Top class: Econ (just because I actually understood it a bit).

Top event: MH’s party bus to the Lodge Bar.

Top place visited: Washington DC!

“Mama, I’m coming home!”  – Ozzy Osbourne