My Flip-camera Adventures

Last October I was given the fun mission of recording some videos at the NHSMBA conference. This was the first time that the College decided to use one of the several Flip cameras they have acquired for MKT – Educational purposes. Conferences and other student meetings are definitely a great opportunity to show others what Fisher students are getting involved in the different events that take place locally and nationally.flip camera

I have to say that the Flip camera is really handy. It is small, it last several hours, it has a big memory, it is easy to use, easy to download images and it has a simple software to do creative videos, postcards, editing, etc.  You can also add music to the footage, capture pictures, and share the material with others. However, there are a lot of little details that could make a video better, such as the angle, the way the camera is handle, narration, and focus, among others. I am still on the process of learning the techniques of making it more professional. It also allows for catching awkward moments easily!

Using the flipcamera is not hard at all, but trying to record myself was really hard. I repeated the same speech probably 20 times before Erik (the video director) approved it 🙂 … It might be hard to be an actor!

I highly encourage other students to use the flipcamera, it is a great tool to share your experiences and easy way to capture interesting moments of your Fisher life!

Here is a sample of a footage from NSHMBA event (Thanks to Shaun Holloway and Erik Palomar for putting the video together). Fisher at NSHMBA (VIDEO)

It is easy to see that these new generation of HD camera’s are a real innovative piece of technology and can be used in a range of situations – CBS better watch out, I have a new career in mind!