Finals Week Reflections – “Specially Crafted” for the holiday season.

First reflection:  1st Quarter has gone by incredibly fast.

Second reflection: Since my last post, I have taken a number of exams, written papers and gone away to Thanksgiving, come back from Thanksgiving, gone to class, figured out that I was sick – was sick for 6 days and basically quarantined to my Fisher Commons apartment, improved, gotten worse, slept on and off through a “Harry Potter weekend” on ABC Family, attempted to get back on top of my email and school work and then, POOF – Monday of Finals week is here.

Third reflection:  That last reflection was awfully jam-packed.  This one will just sort of hummm… ah, my laundry is finally in the dryer, my apartment doesn’t look like a “stomach flu war zone”, another cup of Honeybush tea sounds nice.

Fourth reflection:  I’ve already changed my class schedule for next quarter 3 times and I am seriously considering changing again.

Fifth reflection:  I can’t wait to do work over winter break – Fisher Board Fellows, Fisher Follies, Fisher Professional Services consulting work, prep for my independent study…whaa, WAIT A MINUTE!

Sixth reflection:  It’s always all about work.  I blame b-school, but it was like this before.  It’ll be like this after.

Seventh reflection:  Sometimes it sounds less intense if you call them “projects”.  (Now I’m just reflecting a conversation in my head…)

Final reflection for this post:  Looking around the apartment there are signs everywhere of the upcoming winter break, gifts for a variety of holidays and anniversaries for friends and family, candles and cinnamon pine cones on the coffee table, and plans for celebrations to come in the very near future.  But tonight, just a little more work.

PPS reflection:  Even so, I’ll put this on my wish list for first cocktails to celebrate the end of the quarter:

Hot Buttered Rum — 4 parts dark rum (2 oz.), 1 tsp brown sugar, a pat of butter, boiling water, and freshly ground nutmeg. (Directions: Put sugar into warmed mug and fill 2/3rds with boiling water.  Add rum and stir.  Float butter on top and sprinkle with nutmeg.)  Sounds like a warm way to toast in the winter break “projects”.