Yes I am back…

…after a somewhat long pause, I am back.

Blogging is a lot of fun, but it ends up being second place when family calls – I know, I know, hard to believe… 🙂
I feel like the end of the year is always hectic: family holidays, performance reviews, group projects, finals.  It didn’t used to be that way when I was younger.

To start wrapping up the quarter, I’d like to share a quick list of what has helped me get through my first quarter as a WPMBA without compromising my work or school performance:

1) Organize yourself from the beginning –
I bought a Levenger portfolio with enough divisions to keep my in-class name tag, Fisher name tag, and, of course, a special division for each of the subjects.  For a few additional dollars they will even monogram it for you.

2) Use a planner or your Smartphone to keep track of key dates –
While Carmen is great to keep track of your progress during the quarter and to make sure you have all the complimentary documents shared by the professors, the good old planner or a fancy Smartphone can help you make sure you don’t miss any work or school due dates

3) Exchange your contact information with a couple other students –
If you are a WPMBA student, chances are you may end up missing a class here or there due to work-related responsibilities.  Having a couple of contacts will help you keep up with classes when you cannot make it to Fisher.

4) Listen to your professor’s advice –
The professors will guide through the course by advising you on how to perform best on each class.  As odd as this may seem, your quarter will go a lot smoother if you actually follow their instructions and adapt them to your own learning style.  Reading the course material prior to going to class, for instance, is one of the ways that make my learning experience a lot easier, yours might be something else.

5) Avoid stressing out over tests and projects –
As much as you want to succeed and as high as your GPA probably was on your undergrad, you will feel a lot better once you decide what grade you are willing to accept for the amount of effort you are willing (or able) to put in for each class.  Having to manage a family, a full-time job, and school is rough.

If you have any additional advice, feel free to post it to the comment area.

Have a great last week and stay warm!