The Mobius Strip

For those of you that are unfamiliar with a mobius strip, check out the picture below. If you chose a starting point and begin moving along the strip, you will traverse the whole strip without ever reaching an edge. Why is this the headline of this post, you ask?

A Mobius Strip
A Mobius Strip

Well, it’s the image that came to mind when I thought about what these next seven days represent. It’s both a beginning (of finals week), an end(of Autumn Quarter), but these are pretty insignificant distinctions when one considers the real goals of the MBA program… Building your skill set, enlarging your network and finding that job that brings you joy and success.

So while it’s tough to stay motivated to study for three finals and write a paper, it’s important to look at life like a Mobius strip. It’s a journey without definitive edges… of course there are defining moments, but there is no option to “pause”, “rewind” or “restart.” You are always traveling through life at a rate which astounds – just think about the things you have done, that you want to do, and the time you have left. It really can take your breath away.

So enough philosophical ranting for today. What I really want to say is:

  • Best of luck on all your papers and exams
  • Take advantage of winter break – we have earned it!
  • Don’t lose sight of your goals
  • Never doubt that you are making progress