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Welcome back everyone. Life is good around here, but actually even a little more hectic than normal. Final group projects, final papers, and final exams – oh joy.

Today I have the distinct pleasure of introducing one of the most important people in all of Fisher’s graduate programs, Alisa  K. McMahon. For any of you who have visited Fisher and Gerlach Hall, you have probably spoken to her. She is an incredible asset to the Fisher community and an incredible person. I’ve asked her to write a little about herself, which of course she did with absolute modesty!


How long have I been at Fisher? Just over 3 years.

What do you like about working at Fisher? I love working at the GPO!  My co-workers are an incredible group of people and after nearly 30 years in the workforce, I consider myself blessed to be able to spend each day I can with them.  I am also very attached to the students here at Fisher.  I know that some people may consider me crazy, but I live for the day to day interaction with each and every one of them. When we are on breaks I miss everyone terribly!  That’s why we have the GPO Post Card Project, so I can encourage students to keep in touch during summer break and even after they graduate!

Title? OSU Official: Information Associate;  Fisher Official:  Front Desk Coordinator; Students call me a variety of other things…..(mom?)

What do I do? A day in my life at the GPO includes a variety of things from granting room reservations, stocking and placing coffee orders, making change, answering application & program-related questions, sewing on buttons and stitching hems, coordinating the Fisher Community Outreach program for SAC (Staff Advisory Council), interacting with current and prospective students, setting appointments with various GPO staff members, creating and publishing screens to post on the video display board in the lobby, handling the Gerlach Hall Lost & Found,selling postage stamps and sometimes communicating with recent grads.

Hobbies? Sewing, Reading, Rock Hunting, Gold Panning, Writing, Stalking former and current students via Facebook, Storm Chasing, Needlework, Genealogy (Grave Photographer) & Card Games

States I’ve Lived In:  New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia & Oklahoma

Pets: I currently reside with 8 cats –  Mithrandir, Celibrindel, Hansel, Gretel, Honey, Pumpkin, Lucinda & Minka and a husband, Luinrandir.

Favorite TV Show: Two and a Half Men

Something that made me cry: I cry at Pre-Commencement.  I am happy for all of the graduates and I am equally sad to see everyone leave.  I am not a big fan of good-byes.  This past year I was stunned when the MBA Class of 2009 voted me as the first ever recipient of the Fisher Staff Excellence Award.  As I received the award on stage I turned to see that the entire auditorium was standing and clapping.  Yes, I cried.

Favorite Movie: The Big Chill

Favorite Quote: “Be Calm. Be Free. Share Love.” ~ Luinrandir

Most Unique Jobs I’ve Held: Racket Stringer, Alpine & Cross Country Ski Salesperson, and Wedding Officiant

Advice to a prospective student:  If you really want to apply to Fisher do three things:

1)    Plan ahead

2)    Read our web page and

3)    Call us.  During the summer months, if a person calls with questions about applying to one of our programs, I can generally give them all the time that they need to answer every question about the process, including a timeline of when to complete the requirements and helpful advice on things they can do to strengthen their application.

If any readers out there are planning to visit Fisher or decide to attend next year, you should certainly introduce yourself to Alisa and get to know her. For those of you currently at Fisher, drop in and say hello whenever you can.


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