Next Quarter Already?

It should be no surprise to me, since I’ve been at OSU for five years now, that you start thinking about the next quarter before you’re even half way through the current one. I scheduled for classes about 5 weeks ago now. Two weeks ago, I signed up for a class which I’m very excited about! It’s Personnel Psychology. It’s an undergrad course, so it should be a little easier than my grad courses. *Fingers crossed anyway* I know the professor, Mark Polifroni. I took my upper level research methods class with him last Winter Quarter. He’s such an awesome guy. I know I’ll definitely learn a lot from him. And, I’m taking it with Jaimie and Terrecina and Elle who are all in my program.

Last night was my last stats class for the quarter, and since we had our final exam last week, Dr. Bendapudi lectured on information which we would be tested on next quarter. And…he gave us homework. That will be my first priority this weekend so that I don’t forget about it before next quarter and miss gimme points. But seriously – homework over break? No fun.

Tonight’s my big presentation for my MHR 851 project – the one with the 25 page paper which is nearly finished! I’m very excited to be done with it. Very excited. Friday is the MLHR Holiday Party which I’m looking forward to. It’ll be nice to just relax before finals.

That’s all for now though. Time to finish up work!