I heard there was a long weekend

This was the first Thanksgiving that I didn’t spend with my family since I came to the US (four years ago). It did not make me too sad though as this holiday has not been a tradition in my family, and I knew a bigger time was awaiting for me to spend with my family—the winter break and Christmas!

I was grateful to have this long weekend though. I baked a pie and cooked a meal with chicken (no turkey, too much for me), enjoying a real day-off considering its scarcity. Spending the time alone gave me time to think of many people who I miss and I would like to thank. And this holiday turned out to be the first Thanksgiving that I actually spent much time writing to friends, peers, and families to thank them and tell them how much I love them. I also received a surprise from my old school friend, who saved a CPA prep book for me as he knew I was going to take it soon! Such a holiday day was wonderful with good food and knowing there are so many friends who care about me and are supporting me despite the physical distances apart.

But once Thursday passed, the weekend just returned to regular mode, no longer a long weekend! Well, isn’t it?! All the stress from homework, presentation, and group cases was back! And “whoosh”, the weekend was gone! Thankfully at least I got some good sleep and was recharged a bit. Finals, papers, and presentations, here I come!