Kid’s story: DC

Timeline: Sunday, very late (again)

I see: my piggies

I hear: nothing

I smell: my apartment – kinda missed it, kinda not

I feel: a headache

So yeah, Thanksgiving was this past Thursday. I understand there’s an important American tradition behind it, which I totally respect, but for me it was just a very long weekend. Given my desire to get out of Columbus for a while and my ever-shrinking budget, I decided to drive over to Washington, DC to visit my cousin. Rather than boring you with the Thanksgiving food and all that, I’ll bore you with some things about my trip.

I left on Wednesday right after class. I came home, left my school bag, picked up my luggage, and took the baby to have her lunch. I decided to buy premium this time, and it turned out to be a good decision. There happened to be a McDonald’s right beside the gas station, so I also bought my lunch: two burgers and a soda for $3 (not the healthiest option, I know, but did I mention my ever-shrinking budget?)

The trip took around seven hours. I was told before I left that the scenery would be beautiful, and I could see that it was for a only a small part, as by 4 p.m. the sun had already set and from then on I saw nothing more than the tail lights of the cars in front of me. However, the drive was quite enjoyable, given my fondness of American highways (if you don’t know why that is, you haven’t seen the highways).

DC rocked. I cooked the turkey and it was delicious (which was a big deal, because I would have settled for “edible”, but my cousin and her guests both survived it and liked it). The best part of the trip was that it snowed back here in Columbus on African-American Friday (or so I heard), and as usual DC was spared, so I was spared in turn. Saw the monuments, met some “interesting” government people, and most of all enjoyed the weather. I had a really hard time coming back because I like being pampered and my cousin was totally spoiling me.

The drive back was somewhat hellish, as there were a few accidents in the road that brought traffic to a standstill for some time in a couple of occasions. Also, there was some ice on the road at some point and it poured at some other. Add to that the fact that I was (am) seriously depressed because I scratched my baby against a mailbox out of sheer carelessness… but it all turned out well.

Now, it’s back to reality with my EPI final tomorrow initiating the long and tedious suffering that will precede Christmas.

“Silence! I kill you!”  – Achmed the Dead Terrorist