Fisher Winter Game

“I look at my schedule for the week, a presentation, a research case due, a quiz. Definitely no time for a “formal” workout before the Fisher Winter Games. What if I play the “MBA beast” Mike Hrostoski (sorry Mike, you sound really scary), and what if Prof. Inks aims the dodgeball at me? No, no, I should really squeeze sometime to at least warm myself up for the Winter Game.”

The above was what I put down (but not posted) before the Fisher Winter Games held on last Friday. And related information about Mike and Professor Inks can be found at Mike’s blog below.

For me, the Winter Games last Friday were really unforgettable. I did not champ like Mike did and even did it three times, but I was on a “special” team. I signed up for the basketball game and the dodgeball game. Since apparently the volleyball and dodgeball teams consisted of both male and female players, I thought the basketball game was going to be coed. Well, it really was, but I was the only girl playing in the game. What made my team even more special was that, there were only two players. Ben, probably one of the greatest players in the tournament, and I, obviously the weakest, only figured we were missing one teammate the night before the game. We had to grab one more teammates from other teams, who happened to be Kevin, another awesome player from MAcc.

So things became very interesting for us. Kevin played at least four games since he played both on his original team and with us. I played formally with all-male teams first time in my life. Not only Ben and Kevin had to take care of me but the opponents were also somewhat hampered because of me. Ben and Kevin’s excellent skills were evidenced as we won the first game. The second game was more serious, nevertheless, as one player from each team was out injured. And I felt so sorry for Ben, Kevin, and Patrick, who joined our team after Kevin was hurt. If I was not on the team, they might have advanced to the final and even won the basketball championship.

The Winter Games ended with me being sad a little, not only because our MAcc dodgeball team was disqualified for being “absent”, though we were there all the time (yes, we protest!). I realized it might be the last time I played formally in a basketball game. I enjoyed playing with my teammates in every single game. I felt all those energy and passion which once faded away has come back to me. However, I doubt whether I will sign up for future basketball games since I do want my gentle male teammates to win. There are only two solutions to alter my decision:

1. I get a great coach to train me so that I can better match with the guys next time the Games come.

2. More girls sign up for the basketball games!

So come on my Fisher ladies, join me!!

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November 25, 2009 at 6:10 am
Mike Hrostoski

"MBA Beast" Mike Hrostoski?? Haha, I prefer "gentle giant" Mike Hrostoski, or "friendly big Asian" Mike Hrostoski. :)

Just a heads up, we play basketball at the ARC on Fridays around 12. Email Grant Guruyon to get on the basketball list. All Fisher programs are invited to come play, so tell your friends.

November 26, 2009 at 3:57 pm

I think "MBA Beast" better reflects the reality, and I am an accountant. =P

So what is that Friday play like, practice or game? Can one just drop by without emailing?

November 27, 2009 at 1:04 pm
Mike Hrostoski

Fridays are just fun pick-up games for whoever wants to play. People can drop by unannounced, I think we agreed on Fridays at 12pm for the official time every week.