That is one big basket alright…

This past weekend Tiffany and I drove a little further east toward Newark, OH. to check out the famous Longaberger building. Supposedly this is one of the 10 most unique buildings in the world according to Quazen

Once we got there, I can totally see why. Mannnnnnnnn that is one big basket.

Front View IMG_2147

The town itself is not very exciting to be honest. This company is right off Hwy 16 and that’s about the only thing you can see around you besides farms. Nevertheless, it was a nice day out and Tiffany really enjoyed the scene and I can totally use some time away from accounting. =p It’s also interesting to note that the baskets these guys make can range anywhere from $30 to $200+ (maybe not much of a Christmas gift idea but just in case you’re a basket person). They also offer basket-making(or weaving?) classes. You can find more information on the Longaberger website.

IMG_2131 IMG_2149

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  1. I totally remember learning about this in undergrad, and I’m pretty sure the photos were followed by “Don’t ever try to do this with your project.”

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