A Long Time Gone

Well, I haven't posted in a few days. It's just been one of those weeks. One where you thought you were busy before and then the busy door slams in your face and you realize you were wrong.

Friday I drove to Louisville for the North American International Livestock Exposition. I've been coaching a 4-H team for the past 3 months and this past Monday was the competition. It was a very long weekend, but they ended up placing 5th overall, 4th high individual overall, 2nd high team in Quality Assurance and high individual in Quality Assurance. I'm very proud of them and I'm sure they're glad it's over, too. A picture of my team is below:

[caption id="attachment_3147" align="aligncenter" width="604" caption="My team at Lynn's Paradise"]My team at Lynn's Paradise[/caption]

Tuesday morning, I had to wake up very early to get my fiance to the GRE by 8:00am. That's no easy feat considering I live off of Sawmill. But we made it and he did very well. His application for graduate school at OSU is complete!! We'll finally be students together! That's pretty exciting. :)

With all of that stuff going on, when Benjamin and I were on our way to my work, my car started making awful noises...and then my dad comes to look at it, and the power steering motor had died. So my dad and I switch cars and when he was taking it to the garage to get fixed, the power steering belt fell off. Luckily it was right as my dad pulled into the parking spot. If he had been on the highway, we would be replacing the engine, too. Then, this morning, I was on my way to work and a rock flew into my dad's car (because mine's still not fixed) and cracked the windshield. This is just not my week for automobiles.

BUT!!! There are a few positives about this week: 1) We didn't have class last night! It was great to just relax, but that means we still don't have our midterms back. 2) Tonight is Mirror Lake night. Everyone should go, even if you don't jump in, go just to watch! It's a sight to see. 3) Tomorrow I'm heading up to East Lansing to visit with my fiance then Saturday we're going to Ann Arbor for the game. I'm STOKED! This is the best part of the football season! I'll post pictures next week from my travels!

Don't forget to give blood for the blood battle, and to save lives. You can save up to 3 lives with just one donation!

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