The Internship Search

Half of the work you do the first quarter of an MBA program involves doing all the class work that revolves around your classes. Think about that for a moment, HALF. With all the work I have mentioned and all the group meetings that I have attended, that has only been half of the work that is part of my MBA program, the other half is the internship search. What makes it especially hard for myself is that I am focused on real estate. As many of you know the real estate industry isn’t necessarily in hiring mode, so looking for the right company is tough.

Yes, real estate can be a lucrative field but it is not the reason I am interested in pursuing a career in the industry, it’s because I have a passion for it. From a little kid I have always been interested in the built environment, whether it was by building Lego cities in my basement or playing SimCity on a computer. I was always involved in doing something that related to real estate.

So here is what I am getting at, half of business school is the work to learn and grow as a person and as a business professional but the other half is about pushing yourself not just to find an internship or job, but to find that company or career that lets you do something in your life you will enjoy, and oh yea, make some money.

Okay so back to my current search. There aren’t many training/leadership/rotational programs in real estate to start out with compared to marketing or finance. What has helped me has been working with my career advisor Kara Albert. She isn’t going to find me a job but she is a great coach. I worked for the last few weeks researching who recruits at other schools within the real estate industry as well as using Linkedin and other online resources. With a list of companies and some additional ideas I now have a path to walk down towards a hopeful internship this summer, and not a job when I graduate, but a career. I’ll keep you updated as to what happens later in the winter.

P.S. Any real estate professionals out there need an intern this summer?