Fisher Flash Cards…Need Your Help

One day as I was sitting in class doodling, as I often do, I was was trying to sketch pictograms for different concepts that were being explained during the class and after doing a couple realized that I had done sketches for Accounting, Business Casual and Consumer Packaged Goods… when I realized A, B, C!  The ABCs of business! I want to illustrate a set of flash cards presenting the A,B,C’s of The Max M. Fisher College of Business and present one or two each week, starting next week with Accounting. But I need your help, Please give me your suggestions for the rest of the letters of the alphabet! or if you have better ideas than the one presented! If I use your idea, I will give you a shout out! It can be anything Business, MBA, Business School, Fisher or OSU related. Thank you in advance for everyone’s Help!

A:: Accounting

B:: Business Casual

C:: Consumer Packaged Goods

D:: D

E:: Entrepreneurship

F:: Fisher (Max M)

G:: Golf

H:: Handshake

I:: Intellectual Property

J:: J

K:: K

L:: L


N:: Networking

O:: O

P:: PowerPoints

Q:: Quantitative

R:: Real Estate

S:: Stock

T:: Tie

U:: U

V:: Value Chain

W:: W

X:: (e)Xcel

Y:: Y

Z:: Z

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  1. 1 Erik-Ray Palomar November 17, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    suggestions. don’t know if you can have visuals for these but hey, a bit hung up on the subjects. hehe :p

    D – degrees of freedom, data, debit (and credit)
    J – joint probabilities, journal entries
    K –
    L – logistics, leases (did FSA6 yesterday :p), L-X graphs
    O – outliers, ohio state?
    U – unearned revenues
    W – wage expense
    Y –
    Z – z-distributions

    can’t think of a k and a y.

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