Leader(ship) Development

For our Organizational Behavior/ Leadership Development class (MBA 860), we have a very interesting article to read for tomorrow’s class. It’s called “Leader(ship) Development.” As I was reading it, I came to a few conclusions.

  • Your growth depends on what you KNOW, what you can DO, and who you ARE (the BE component). Basically, this means that it’s not all about technical skills, or about the things you are good at; it’s about your personality, your traits and what makes you a unique individual.
  • Who we are may have a bigger impact on how we lead that what we know.
  • There is a difference between Leadership Development and Leader Development. Business schools try  to teach Leader Development, which develops human capital. Leadership Development is learned primarily on the job – it’s about building social capital.
  • Most MBA students regret not taking time to pause and reflect as they progress through their program.

As I read this article, I found myself nodding and agreeing with many points, which makes me feel that I have come a long way on my personal journey of knowing who I am. However, I also read several things that made me uncomfortable, which makes me realize that I still have some things to work on. I’m hoping my classmates also took the time to really digest this article, as I think it’s one of the most inspiring and engaging yet. Thanks to Dr. Inks and Dr. Rucci for assigning it!