It was a sad day.

This past week was pretty tough for me, personally. Upon discovering my second oldest guinea pig, Burger, was sick on Tuesday, I knew I was in for a bad time. After nursing another guinea pig for several weeks last winter before losing her to pneumonia, I knew exactly the heartbreak I was in for. Burger followed a similar course – losing weight, very apathetic, weak, and in general, just suffering.

While dealing with this, I also had to study for a Data Analysis exam on Thursday. I did not study as much as I would have liked, but when it comes down to studying or caring for something you love… I choose love every time. Speaking of love, I realized just how amazing my classmates are. While some people seemed to take my sadness about a sick guinea pig as something to laugh at, I really want to thank LB and SJM, and several others for being so kind and supportive.

After several days, I could tell that Burger had given up, and wanted the suffering to end. She joined her sister in heaven on 11.13.2009. She was a great girl, always happy and affectionate. She will be missed greatly.

Niblet, Zoe and Maggie saying "Goodbye" to their sister, Burger
Niblet, Zoe and Maggie saying “Goodbye” to their sister, Burger (middle).

I realize this post was probably a little bit of a downer for some folks, but as all us MBA-er’s know, life happens when it happens, it waits for no man (or woman).