Birthday in Columbus

On Monday, November 9th I celebrated my 24th year of life.  Three of my closest friends from undergrad came down from Detroit to help me celebrate the weekend preceding my actual b-day. Plus it was “First Friday!”  For those of you who aren’t familiar with “First Friday” events, its basically an event that takes place it most major cities that allows African-American professionals to come together on the first friday of each month and party and network.  It has been going on for years and this year Columbus celebrated its 15th anniversary of having first fridays.  Also, Columbus has a website dedicated to the event:

This was my first time going to a first friday event in Columbus, or any other city besides New Orleans (my hometown) for that matter.  This month’s event was held at Villa Milano, which was more of a hall, than a club.  The place was huge, and there were a great deal of people there.  However, the ambiance and the amount of people there didn’t help it live up to the expectations I had for the evening, however my friends and I still managed to enjoy ourselves nevertheless.  Plus, a girl standing in front of me in the line had an extra pass to get in free and offered it to me.  Saved me 2o bucks!

The next day on Saturday, we had originally planned to attend the International Columbus Festival, however once we arrived at the destination we realized it wasn’t quite what we expected.  Unfortunately, I had already paid for parking so we decided to venture around downtown instead.  Thank God we had our cameras!  The afternoon ended up being an impromptu photo shoot for all of us.  We seemingly went around taking pictures of ourselves and the beautiful scenery.  It was a great day to be out, and was actually my first time walking around downtown Columbus.  Fun was had, and I think we all began to appreciate the city a little bit more. Next, we had ice cream from Coldstone and then went back home to rest up and watch a movie.

Later on that evening we went to Dave & Buster and met up with some other folks!  After dinner, we played games for about an hour and then decided to go out and enjoy the nightlife.  We ended up at Sugar Baby, a place I had been to before.  It tends to attract a younger crowd than which I prefer, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves despite the maximum capacity in the club/bar.

All in all I have to say that I have a greater respect for the city of Columbus.  I think sometimes people “sleep” on all that Columbus has to offer, including myself and my friends.  This past weekend definitely made me appreciate the city a little bit more, and I am excited about venturing out more into the city next summer when its warmer and I can spend all day venturing out in the streets.  Check out the pics from the photo shoot we had downtown!

Columbus 1

Columbus 2Columbus 013
Pretty Autumn Day